What is AYM (Are You Modeling)?

Are You Modeling is a web series that distills the most important concepts in modeling today into easily digestible five(ish) minute segments. Modeling is about evaluating complicated issues and communicating them simply and quickly.
Are You Modeling lays out the basics, new methodologies, and interviews with the faces in the modeling world under 6 categories here. (UML/SysML/GSN/Agile/People/Technique).
All the videos and articles under UML/SysML/GSN are divided into further three more categories below:
  • Theory  : Educational contents to teach the basic
  • Practice: Examples of how “modeling”is used in real life
  • People  : Interview with the faces in the modeling world


We are a vendor of UML modeling tool called “Astah” used to be known as “JUDE”.
Throughout the years, we’ve met key persons in software modeling and engineering fields and felt a strong mission that we need to spread these voices out and also tell why modeling is important, what’s the meaning of modeling and its roles..etc with our knowledges, experiences and interviews with key persons we’ve met!


We are looking for someone who wants to share your articles or videos through AYM, please feel free to let us know.

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