UML Modeling Myths

Michael Chonoles, the author of “UML 2 for Dummies”, talks about “Modeling Myths” – damaging misconceptions people have that prevent them from adopting modeling in their projects. Below is a […]

What is GSN (Goal Structuring Notation)?

Kenji Hiranabe from Change Vision visited Dr. Shuichiro Yamamoto at Nagoya University for an interview. Dr. Shuichiro Yamamoto explained “what the GSN (Goal Structuring Notation) is, and what the GSN […]

Header-Detail Pattern for “Purchase Order”

 “Header-Detail” modeling pattern Kenji Hiranabe (CEO of Astah) explains a well-known analysis pattern called “Header-Detail” using a “Purchase Order” form commonly used in real-life business. Watch video at

Sequence Diagram – Basic

 Sequence expresses how multiple object work together to accomplish a goal Kenji Hiranabe (CEO of Astah) is lecturing the basic of Sequence diagram using an example of application system runs […]